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skyrim animation

2012-01-08 18:14:42 by TheSpicanator

fus ro dah!

need a background artist

2012-01-06 19:51:44 by TheSpicanator

looking for a good land scape artist. Not perfect, just good enough.
I need someone to draw me a background to help speed up the process of an animation im going to do this weekend.
You'll be created completely.
This cartoon will be posted here and then on youtube for more views.
You must have sample work, something you can send me or somethingon ng.
Must be able to shade and everything. Just a good background.
Ill give you specs and ratios when the time comes.
And this is for a SKYRIM cartoon. So PM or comment for more details

Star wars Fan film!

2011-11-09 22:49:36 by TheSpicanator

check out our star wars fan film!

check out the ultra H D one here!

if you have a youtube page, you should subscribe to our channel!
thanks NG!

resident evil parody

2011-10-19 23:01:58 by TheSpicanator PXa8&feature=feedlik r3ec

rate comment and subscribe!!!

Love gears of war? cant wait for the 3rd installment?

Well you're in luck! im giving away 2 Beta Access codes that can be used on the 25th of this month!

Q: Why are you giving them away?
A: I work at gamestop and i print them off like crazy!

Q: dont you have to preorder it?
A: Not me, i work at gamestop.

Q: Whats the Catch?
A: Absolutely nothing!

Just comment below whats your biggest anticipation about gears 3, and ill select random names!
If enough people comment then i may print off some more codes!
All you have to do is comment!!!

giving away Gears 3 Beta codes

check it out!!
he inspired me to do so much!

Cartoon Tribute to Allen Awesome


2011-02-25 06:34:49 by TheSpicanator

I work at gamestop, so i get around to playing a lot of games( go figure right?)
Anyways, im not much into fighting games, but i got to play MVC 3 early since i worked the midnight release.
and i really liked it. so i bought a copy, and i didnt know what characters to use. And Arthur happened to be among them. And then the NG people started posting vids so i said shit, i want to join the party as well.
and well this is the result Sir Arthur him self

Long live Ghouls n Ghosts


Check it here

if enough people are interested i will sell the angry Faic controller

New Dad N' Me controller is out spicanator/angry-faic-360-controller

check it out if you havnt seen it already.

NG themed Angry Faic Controller